merged other changes.
[gwibber.git] / gwibber / microblog /
2009-06-20 microftmerged other changes.
2009-06-20 microftmerged with latest trunk
2009-05-29 Bruno Lucas[Merge] lp:~brunolucas/gwibber/clearTab
2009-05-28[Merge] LOCALEDIR fix and pot update
2009-05-27 Ryan PaulFixed Jaiku support
2009-05-24 Ryan PaulAdded support for BrightKite
2009-05-23 Ryan Paul[Merge] new theme system and FriendFeed support merged...
2009-05-18 Ryan Paul[Merge] latest from lp:gwibber
2009-04-20 lmbimproved follow/unfollow feature
2009-04-20 lmbadded support for unfollowing people. only working...
2009-04-19 Ryan PaulAdded experimental support for FriendFeed
2009-04-17 microftmerged to trunk
2009-04-15 Dominic Evans[Merge] ~tante fixes to ensure clean `desktop-file...
2009-04-15 Dominic Evans[Merge] from ~macno branch to fulfil wishlist bug 32897...
2009-04-12 Ryan PaulMerged improvements from trunk
2009-04-12 Ryan PaulDisabled Jaiku
2009-04-03 microftmerged from the trunk
2009-03-12 Dominic EvansAs lp:gwibber has been running stable for some time...
2009-03-10 Dominic EvansFix relative python imports.
2009-03-10 Dominic
2009-02-28 grillo@Mostro[Merge] from lp:~novalkar/gwibber/google-reader
2009-02-28 Dominic EvansSupport gwibber:user style tab for user timel...
2009-02-28 Dominic EvansSupport gwibber:user style tab for user timel...
2009-02-20 Dominic EvansUncommit & recommit of last 3 revnos.
2009-02-18 Dominic Evans[Merge] Cherry-picked merge of changesets 241 to 244...
2009-02-17 Diego Herrera Cmerge last changes with trunk
2009-02-06 Dominic EvansChange the way we mark messages as 'new'. We now have...
2009-02-06 microftmerged from main
2009-02-06 Dominic EvansMerge from lp:~human-microft/gwibber/custom with slight...
2009-02-03 Dominic EvansLatest merge from lp:gwibber. No other changes.
2009-02-03 Dominic EvansOriginally thought fix for bug 296953 would need to...
2009-02-03 Dominic EvansSupport showing twitter user's timeline in a new tab...
2009-02-03 Dominic EvansMerge from lp:gwibber prior to merging into lp:gwibber
2009-02-02 Ryan PaulAdded support for URL searching. Fixed search restore bug
2009-01-27 Milo CasagrandeMerged from trunk
2009-01-27 Greg GrossmeierMerged lp:~greg.grossmeier/gwibber/laconica.groups...
2009-01-26 Greg Grossmeierin def group() I forgot to change one function call...
2009-01-24 Greg GrossmeierUpdated bunch of files to start work on group support.
2009-01-23 Dominic EvansSync with lp:gwibber
2009-01-20 Dominic EvansApproved proposal lp:~milo/gwibber/gwibber-milo.
2009-01-14 Milo CasagrandeMerged from trunk
2009-01-14 Dominic EvansMerge latest changes from lp:gwibber into facebook...
2009-01-13 Jürgen GeuterAdded support for replying to multiple users
2009-01-11 Dominic EvansMerge latest trunk changes
2009-01-01 Milo CasagrandeAdded i18n support to microblog/ for transla...
2008-12-29 Milo CasagrandeMerged from trunk
2008-12-28 Ryan PaulDisabling Pownce
2008-12-12 Dominic EvansFirst draft implementation of showing twitter user...
2008-11-24 Ryan PaulFix reply regressions
2008-11-23 Ryan PaulSend replies from only the first active account
2008-11-23 Ryan PaulIgnore send toggle for replies
2008-11-20 Ryan PaulAdded full support for tags in
2008-11-16 Ryan PaulFixed Jaiku threading and comments
2008-11-16 Ryan PaulAdded support for toggling search per account
2008-11-16 Ryan PaulAdded generic support
2008-11-10 Ryan PaulAdded support for
2008-11-09 Ryan PaulAdded basic support for standard RSS feeds
2008-11-09 Ryan PaulMerged in the reply tab and search functionality
2008-10-20 Ryan PaulAdded very experimental brightkite support
2008-10-17 Ryan PaulFixed simplejson module and character count bug
2008-10-08 Ryan PaulFixed regressions in the microblog module
2008-10-08 Ryan PaulSeparated account configuration UI into its own module
2008-10-06 Ryan PaulRefactored microblog lib
2008-09-29 Ryan PaulImproved tabs and started adding thread tabs
2008-09-26 Michael LeporeMerged with tabui
2008-09-13 Ryan PaulAdded a reply tab and support for performing searches
2008-09-09 Ryan PaulMerged in basic theming support
2008-08-30 Ryan PaulFixed .desktop file and removed superfluous #! lines
2008-08-14 Ryan PaulMerged in headless branch
2008-08-02 Ryan PaulFinished refactoring protocols and moving account confi...
2008-07-31 Ryan PaulA few minor updates
2008-07-26 Ryan PaulRefactored protocol implementations and moved account...