Added nobts path to page module to no show edit button
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2009-04-25 danigmAdded first page module version. It's like a wiki using...
2009-04-19 danigmChanging default theme a little, quitting testmod in...
2009-04-19 danigmFirst database steps in kisspidb.
2009-04-19 danigmBetter default theme.
2009-04-18 danigmCool 2.0 default theme
2009-04-18 danigmChanging default theme to make it more beautiful, still...
2009-04-17 danigmLayaout first version finished with conffile.
2009-04-17 danigmbetter default theme
2009-04-17 danigmdefault theme css and template changed
2009-04-17 danigmFirst theme and layaout version, css need to be rewrite...
2009-04-16 danigmit's simple not simply :P
2009-04-16 danigmAdded logo and svg with main colors
2009-04-16 danigmFirst version, initial module hello, initial load module