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2009-04-29 Matt NordhoffUse Dozer for memory profiling (Paul Hummer)
2009-04-01 Michael Hudsona quick dose of IE compatibility:
2009-03-10 Martin Poolloggerhead can now be installed as a plugin and run...
2009-02-10 Michael Hudsonmerge fix-empty-files-page
2009-02-10 Michael Hudsonconvert tests to TestCaseWithTransport subclasses runna...
2008-11-17 Martin AlbisettiAdd startup script for linux (Marius Kruger)
2008-10-25 Martin AlbisettiMerge from trunk, resolved conflicts
2008-10-25 Martin AlbisettiHTML cleanups (Matt Nordhoff)
2008-10-24 Martin AlbisettiPEP8 fixes
2008-10-24 Steve 'Ashcrow'... Added *.log to the ignore file.
2008-07-31 Michael Hudsonmerge Martin A. fixes for
2008-07-29 Martin AlbisettiIgnore build/
2007-01-14 Robey Pointernew ignores
2007-01-03 Robey Pointersort the auto-list before publishing
2006-12-24 Robey Pointeradd a manifest and a makefile