2010-06-20 danigm[spam] fixed unimplemented function bug master
2010-06-18 Daniel GarciaCheck if sender is active when showing sweets
2010-06-18 Daniel Garcia[spam] spam delete image added
2010-06-18 Daniel Garcia[spam plugin] first version
2010-06-18 Daniel Garcia[private plugin] Better javascript
2010-06-18 Daniel Garcia[private plugin] Removed unusued __init__ method
2010-06-18 Daniel GarciaTools in private view, reply and delete
2010-06-18 Daniel GarciaMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/~edulix...
2010-06-17 Eduardo Robles... showing username in private timeline sweets
2010-06-17 Eduardo Robles... showing always "send private msg" link in sidebar
2010-06-16 danigm[private plugin] Fixing some bugs
2010-06-16 danigm[private plugin] docstring goes below
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... now private sweets are listed too
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... adding link in headbar
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... now private sweets can be sent, but not received
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... initial commit for private timeline plugin
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... adding a container for the new sweet form
2010-06-16 Eduardo Robles... adding a new extension point for plugins, links
2010-06-12 danigmAdded select type to PluginOpt
2010-06-12 danigmRevert "Create the structure for "Question and Answer...
2010-06-08 Dani CebreroCreate the structure for "Question and Answer" plugin...
2010-05-27 Dani CebreroAdded to TODO "ask and answer" plugin
2010-05-25 danigmFixed plugin templates rendering
2010-05-22 Eduardo RoblesDjango 1.1.2 compatibility
2010-05-11 Daniel GarciaGenerating unique apikey
2010-05-11 Daniel GarciaFixed karma plugin when you're not authenticated
2010-05-10 danigmDeletes logs before deletes user
2010-05-09 danigmAdded limit to karma, -10 < karma < 25
2010-05-09 danigmmanage.py from DOS to unix type
2010-05-09 danigmFixed pythonbot import and added sleep
2010-05-09 danigmAvoiding refresh when viewing a page > 1
2010-05-09 danigmYou can't vote a yesterday sweet
2010-05-09 danigmBetter karma sidebar style
2010-05-09 danigmMerge branch 'karma'
2010-05-09 danigmAdded cron daily script
2010-05-09 danigmKarma float formatted in sidebar
2010-05-09 danigmAdded downkarma command, to down the karma periodically
2010-05-09 danigmChanged karma vote buttons.
2010-05-08 danigm[Karma] down karma when delete a post
2010-05-08 danigmSmall font for tools
2010-05-08 danigm[Karma] karma rankings
2010-05-08 danigm[Karma] Voting via ajax
2010-05-08 danigm[Karma] Controlling when votes form is showed
2010-04-09 danigmImproved karma plugin.
2010-04-09 danigmReplies plugin translation
2010-04-09 danigmFixed replies refresh
2010-04-09 danigmBetter i18n in recoverplugin and dates
2010-04-09 danigmlocale dir added with spanish translation
2010-04-09 danigmi18n plugin templates translation
2010-04-09 danigmi18n basic templates
2010-03-28 danigmJavascript for view more
2010-03-27 danigmPagination changed for view more and fixed autorefresh
2010-03-27 danigmAdded identicon to gravatar
2010-03-25 danigmFixed replies/sweets count
2010-03-25 Daniel GarciaAdded 404 for sweets and user views
2010-03-25 danigmAdded django flatpages for /about
2010-03-24 danigmChanged github for gitorious, added trac
2010-03-24 danigmshorturl plugin
2010-03-24 danigmposting hook receives the post as argument
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaRemoved urls from js files
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaAdded get the code to the footter
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaFeed urls with reverse
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaReplaces references to /static with MEDIA_URL
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaBig refactorization:
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaChanged migration to s2_to_s3 to avoid confusions
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaReadme file added
2010-03-19 Daniel GarciaFixs in settings.py
2010-02-08 danigmAdded timezone to api dates
2010-01-28 danigmFunctions to api:
2010-01-27 danigmUpdate function added to API with http basic auth
2010-01-27 danigmFirst sweetter 3.0 api twitter compatible.
2010-01-27 danigmRemoved done tasks
2010-01-27 danigmFixed timezone in settings.py
2010-01-15 Christian Lopez... Fixed setting value, so unit test passes
2010-01-03 danigmAdded remove plugin
2010-01-03 danigmFixed replies regexp. #28
2010-01-02 Christian Lopez... Adding docs to options
2010-01-02 Christian Lopez... Fixing problem posting with Chrome. Fixes issue #32
2009-12-18 danigmif recover exists, modify it
2009-12-18 danigmAdded password recovery plugin
2009-12-17 rootPlugin api option filter fixed.
2009-12-11 danigmAdded favicon and resolved refresh empty list bug
2009-12-01 danigmublogging views refactoring, added uapi module.
2009-11-27 danigmRefresh now works in replies
2009-11-27 danigmRefresh now differs between public, index and user...
2009-11-27 danigmAutorefresh - only works in index, not in public or...
2009-11-26 danigmAdded renew apikey in profile.
2009-11-25 danigmIn /user now sidebar shows user information.
2009-11-25 danigmAdded filldata script to add some test users
2009-11-25 danigmfirst migration tool from s2 to s3, users, followers...
2009-11-24 danigmadded login_required to views
2009-11-24 danigmdefault theme text from xx-large to x-large
2009-11-24 danigmrefresh first steps
2009-11-23 danigmUsing django urlize instead my own "urlize".
2009-11-23 danigmurls are links in texts
2009-11-15 danigmfirst usable jabberbot
2009-10-24 danigmPlugin option support and profile page to change that.
2009-10-24 danigmFixed api docstrings, It was before method declaration...
2009-10-21 danigmremoved unnecesary comments
2009-10-21 danigmAdded whitespace