2010-07-25 danigmRemoved tooltip fade in/out.
2010-07-07 danigmComplete export dialog, asking for size and format
2010-07-07 danigmfixed typo in HACKING file
2010-07-07 Daniel GarciaUniform size, not expanded, for spin.
2010-07-07 Daniel GarciaWidth and height in export dialog, but don't work.
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... added missing depend
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... updated changelog
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... added missing depend
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... simplified by using cdbs
2010-06-23 danigmFirst steps to get a full featured export dialog
2010-06-13 danigmRemember the doodle and bubble tool status
2010-05-31 danigmNew version, 0.95 to 0.98 0.98
2010-05-31 danigmAdded TBO tutorial
2010-05-28 danigmAdded bladecoder to artist list.
2010-05-28 danigmAdded misc bubbles
2010-05-28 danigmAdded southpark style doodles thanks to bladecoder
2010-05-18 danigmRajoy doodle by Alfonso de Cala
2010-05-15 danigmAdded bubble tool. Removed bubbles from doodle tool
2010-05-15 danigmRemoved debian package versions and added librsvg
2010-05-15 danigmgtk 2.12 compatible
2010-05-14 danigmNew PKGBUILD version
2010-05-14 danigmAdded political doodles. First Zapatero
2010-05-14 danigmAdded TBO cusl4 presentation
2010-05-12 Daniel GarciaNew version 0.93 -> 0.95 0.95
2010-05-11 danigmAdded arcadia doodles :D
2010-05-11 danigmSpanish translations updated
2010-05-11 danigmBlack background in frame view
2010-05-11 danigmAdded edit menu functionality
2010-05-10 danigmAdded linuxhispano characters, girl and emilio
2010-05-09 danigmEdit menu buttons
2010-05-05 danigmFixed initial angle in objects. Sets to 0.0
2010-05-04 danigmSelector as default tool
2010-05-04 danigmNotification tooltip centered and autohidden
2010-05-03 danigmTooltip fade in and fade out
2010-05-02 danigmRounded and eye candy tooltip
2010-05-01 danigmTooltip to enter in frame view
2010-05-01 danigmFixed text xml save
2010-05-01 danigmFound a bug and added to TODO list
2010-05-01 Esteban SanchezSolved a warning message using gtk_message_dialog_new()
2010-04-27 sugusBuild archlinux package depends
2010-04-27 Daniel GarciaRemoved unnecessary debian package file
2010-04-27 Daniel GarciaDebian package
2010-04-27 danigmLoads doodles from $HOME/doodle also
2010-04-16 danigmAdjust scroll when switching between pages
2010-04-16 danigmAdded zoom fit tool
2010-04-16 danigmtext-tool callbacks should return a gboolean.
2010-04-16 danigmChanged new_width for new_with. Typo fix
2010-04-16 danigmLoading angle and flip options.
2010-04-16 danigmOnly redraw the real drawing area
2010-04-09 danigmAdded dgm doodle and TBO logo
2010-04-07 danigmAdded archlinux git package
2010-04-07 danigmUpdated spanish translation
2010-04-07 danigmNow it's possible to add png images :D
2010-04-07 danigmFixed dnd with scrolled positioning
2010-04-07 danigmdoodles as plain svg
2010-04-02 danigmChange between tools with keys
2010-04-02 danigmZoom scale 1:1 tool and key 1.
2010-03-30 danigmText in logo as path
2010-03-21 danigmAdded bubble with solid shadow
2010-03-20 danigmAdded some tango icons to default library
2010-03-20 danigmAdded andatuz doodle
2010-03-20 danigmAdded cusl4 evaluators help text.
2010-03-20 danigmAbout dialog and translations 0.93
2010-03-19 danigmObject resize keys < and > 0.92
2010-03-18 danigmCreated tabs at open .tbo
2010-03-18 danigmEach page is a tab (GtkNotebook)
2010-03-18 Daniel GarciaEvery page should be a tab (only TODO)
2010-03-17 danigmNow it's abaliable to clone frames with ctrl+d
2010-03-17 danigmNow it's abaliable to clone objects with ctrl+d
2010-03-16 danigmResizer and rotater don't zoom
2010-03-16 danigmComplete drawing area redraw
2010-03-15 danigmEl dnd ahora funciona con el zoom
2010-03-15 danigmFichero .desktop e icono
2010-03-15 danigmRepintado teniendo en cuenta el zoom
2010-03-15 danigmFoo con traje
2010-03-15 danigmMejorada la velocidad de carga de la doodle tool
2010-03-15 danigmfichero HACKING con información de colaboración
2010-03-15 danigmAñadidas tareas al TODO
2010-03-15 danigmCambiada versión de 0.1 a 0.9
2010-03-13 danigmBetter readme with "user manual"
2010-03-11 danigmHerramientas de zoomin & zoomout
2010-03-10 danigmExportación a pdf (multipágina), png y svg
2010-03-09 danigmExportación a PNG... DONE xD
2010-03-09 danigmRutas relativas a imágenes en svgimage
2010-03-06 danigmApertura de fichero por línea de comandos
2010-03-06 danigmActualizadas las traducciones
2010-03-06 danigmDiferenciando entre guardar y guardar como
2010-03-06 danigmCambio de título de la ventana al guardar
2010-03-06 danigmcarga de ficheros .tbo
2010-03-05 danigmGuardado completo, fichero.tbo
2010-03-03 danigmDiálogo de guardado y creación de fichero
2010-03-03 danigmArreglado bug en el espejado de objetos
2010-02-28 danigmAñadido monigote bar y pcs
2010-02-28 danigmAjustados monigotes en altura, no anchura
2010-02-28 danigmAñadido monigote foo-lh
2010-02-28 danigmColor de fondo en viñetas
2010-02-26 danigmMovimiento de objetos con cursores
2010-02-26 danigmOrdenación de objetos en las viñetas
2010-02-26 danigmActualación de fuentes y scroll para texto
2010-02-26 danigmEspejado vertical y horizontal de los objetos