2011-10-30 Kristjan SCHMIDTAdd Esperanto translation
2011-09-29 Volkan YalçınAdded Turkish translation
2011-09-25 Fran DieguezUpdated Galician translations
2011-09-19 Joe HansenUpdated Danish translation
2011-09-18 Kjartan MaraasAdded nb
2011-09-18 Kjartan MaraasAdded Norwegian bokmål translation
2011-09-01 Alexandre FrankeUpdate French translation
2011-08-27 danigmAdded 2.0 desing 1.0
2011-07-28 Yuri MyasoedovAdded Russian translation
2011-07-07 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Updated German translation
2011-07-05 Marek ČernockýUpdated Czech translation
2011-06-24 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2011-06-23 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-06-23 danigmUpdated archlinux package
2011-06-23 danigmRemoved trailing space
2011-06-23 danigmAdding vim swap files to gitignore
2011-06-23 danigmAdded other images inclusion and library support
2011-06-11 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2011-06-07 Marek ČernockýUpdated Czech translation
2011-06-06 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-06-05 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Updated German translation
2011-06-04 danigmUndo and Redo form movements
2011-06-03 danigmMore flexible TboAction
2011-06-03 danigm.gmo to gitignore
2011-06-02 danigmTBO undo and redo stack and test.
2011-06-01 danigmAdded freedesktop standard directory for user data
2011-04-10 danigmMigrated code from gtk2 to gtk3
2011-03-21 vagelis xxxGreek language
2011-01-20 Bruno BrouardNew french translation
2011-01-13 Yinghua WangAdd Chinese (China) translations.
2010-12-29 Daniel NylanderAdded Swedish translation
2010-12-20 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Updated German translation
2010-12-04 Lucian Adrian... Updated Romanian translation
2010-12-04 Joe HansenUpdated Danish translation
2010-12-04 Kenneth NielsenAdded da to list of languages
2010-12-02 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-12-01 danigmFixed some warnings
2010-11-29 Miguel BouzadaUpdate & corrections to galician translation.
2010-11-22 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Added German translation
2010-11-22 Antonio Fernandes... Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
2010-11-22 Djavan FagundesAdded pt_BR to LINGUAS
2010-11-21 Petr KovarAdd Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
2010-11-21 danigmUpdated archlinux package
2010-11-21 danigmRounding floats in group moving and resizing.
2010-11-21 danigmGroup selection to move and resize.
2010-11-14 Gabor KelemenAdded Hungarian translation by Gyorgy Ballo
2010-11-14 Gabor KelemenAdded hu to LINGUAS
2010-11-14 Matej UrbančičAdded sl for Slovenian translation
2010-11-14 Matej UrbančičAdded Slovenian translation
2010-09-26 danigmDisabled accel keys in text tool.
2010-09-01 danigmAdded tbo.doap for git.gnome.org
2010-08-31 Dario Villarcomic-open-dialog divided in various functions
2010-08-31 danigmAdded facilware doodles. Thanks to Vicente Pons
2010-08-23 danigmAdded accel for menubar
2010-08-19 danigmtbo-drawing, tbo-toolbar and tbo-tools as gobject gobject
2010-08-15 danigmTBO objects as gobject
2010-08-15 danigmDefined pixmap object as gobject
2010-08-15 danigmDefined object text as gobject
2010-08-15 danigmFree path only if it's not null
2010-08-14 danigmNew gobject types test
2010-08-14 danigmDefined tbo svg object as gobject
2010-08-14 danigmDefined tbo object base as gobject
2010-08-13 danigmAdded gpl header to all source files
2010-08-13 Darío Villar... Galician translation
2010-08-02 danigmFixed bug at update in selector tool.
2010-07-31 Flavio PastoreItalian translations
2010-07-31 danigmAdded translators to credits
2010-07-25 danigm[arch pkg] changed main url
2010-07-25 danigmChanged arch package git repo to danigm
2010-07-25 danigmDon't change frame with tab.
2010-07-25 danigmupdate_drawing in tools.
2010-07-25 danigmFilling all drawing area not only visible
2010-07-25 danigmRemoved tooltip fade in/out.
2010-07-07 danigmComplete export dialog, asking for size and format
2010-07-07 danigmfixed typo in HACKING file
2010-07-07 Daniel GarciaUniform size, not expanded, for spin.
2010-07-07 Daniel GarciaWidth and height in export dialog, but don't work.
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... added missing depend
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... updated changelog
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... added missing depend
2010-06-30 Roberto C.... simplified by using cdbs
2010-06-23 danigmFirst steps to get a full featured export dialog
2010-06-13 danigmRemember the doodle and bubble tool status
2010-05-31 danigmNew version, 0.95 to 0.98 0.98
2010-05-31 danigmAdded TBO tutorial
2010-05-28 danigmAdded bladecoder to artist list.
2010-05-28 danigmAdded misc bubbles
2010-05-28 danigmAdded southpark style doodles thanks to bladecoder
2010-05-18 danigmRajoy doodle by Alfonso de Cala
2010-05-15 danigmAdded bubble tool. Removed bubbles from doodle tool
2010-05-15 danigmRemoved debian package versions and added librsvg
2010-05-15 danigmgtk 2.12 compatible
2010-05-14 danigmNew PKGBUILD version
2010-05-14 danigmAdded political doodles. First Zapatero
2010-05-14 danigmAdded TBO cusl4 presentation
2010-05-12 Daniel GarciaNew version 0.93 -> 0.95 0.95
2010-05-11 danigmAdded arcadia doodles :D
2010-05-11 danigmSpanish translations updated
2010-05-11 danigmBlack background in frame view
2010-05-11 danigmAdded edit menu functionality